Look no further...You've come to the right place for a voice that has been described as velvety smooth, sophisticated, warm and friendly for radio and narratives, professional and earthy for news announcing, commercials and audio books. My range is vast!

You want Real People, African American, Executive, Sexy, Mature, High Energy, Attitude, Sweet, Sincere, Newsy, Urban, Suburban, Retail, Elevator, Loving Mom, Authoritative, Extreme, Youthful??????  What are you waiting for?  Here I am!

For years I have been very passionate about the voiceover/acting industry.  I possess strong vocal skills, excellent communication and writing abilities, and professional work ethics that are not only desired, but aggressively sought after by many industry experts. 

I attended Columbia School of Broadcasting for professional training in the field.  I’ve also worked at one of the largest Christian radio stations in Tennessee, where I served as a part-time board operator.  In the past, I volunteered my services at a new radio station in Peoria, Illinois, where I performed the intro/outro for religious programs, recorded numerous commercials, and completed public service announcements. Additionally, I have had training via teleclasses with renowned voice over artists.

I am the voice you are looking for...

Proof's in the pudding, you say?  Take a listen to my demos and call me for your next project.  God Bless!

I can also be found at: 

http://www.linkedin.com/in/larhondab http://www.voiceoveruniverse.com/profile/LaRhondaTBurns